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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

July 2016

Our summer term has now ended.

University and Community Liaison Committee July 2016

Earlier this month we held our last University and Community Liaison Committee of the 2015/2016 academic year.  

Inspector Paul Loughlin gave a presentation to the Committee explaining the Chester Public Space Protection Order and it's implications and plans were shared for policing to ensure student safety during the next Freshers' Week.

I updated the Committee on community engagement plans that are in the pipeline and educational materials and talks about living in the Chester community that are planned for our new undergraduate intake in September. 

This includes this postcard to be sent out to new students before they arrive.

Want to Learn a New Language?
Enrolment is now open for our 2016/2017 programme of language evening classesThe programme includes languages from Arabic-Welsh.  You can find further details at
This is what people have to say about our evening classes:
"I have found the delivery and method of teaching the Arabic Language to the students at the Chester University far and above expectations. The quality of instruction and degree of capability beyond compare. A course and class worthy of profound recommendation."
Arabic Year 1 Student

"We all help each other. I love it."
“It’s a friendly atmosphere.”
“Lovely bunch of people.”
“It’s not embarrassing when you don’t get it at first.  Marie is really patient as is the rest of the class.”
“We have bonded as a group and we socialise.”
“Mandarin has already been useful in my job talking to people, even though I’m not fluent.”
 Chinese Mandarin Year 1 Students
"The French Language Course Parts 1 & 2 Beginners I took was brilliant. It was well paced, stretching and rewarding enough to make progress and there was an excellent balance of written, reading and spoken work. The tuition was both friendly and professional and I would highly recommend to anyone at any stage of language learning. C'est fantastique!"
French Year 1 Student

"The language class is a relaxed and fun way of improving your language skills, while also meeting a whole new bunch of people.  No chance of worrying about life's stresses, when you are engaging your brain in this way!"
French Year 2 Student

University friends and colleagues rally round for Rose

Staff at the University of Chester have been showing their support for their colleague, Jo Winchcombe, helping to raise much needed funds for Jo’s five-year-old daughter Rose.

 Having previously been developing normally, until the age of 15 months old, Rose was suddenly unable to talk, laugh, cry or move, and simultaneously developed epilepsy. Despite having undergone genetic testing, it is still not clear what caused Rose to be poorly, but her neurologist believes Rose may have an, as yet, undiagnosed genetic condition.

 Rose’s symptoms began to improve dramatically after Jo found out about the specialist Family Hope Center based in Pennsylvania, which works with families to create individual developmental programmes for children with special needs.

Jo works at the University of Chester as a Library and Information Services (LIS) Resources Assistant, where she says colleagues across the institution have showed tremendous support to help her in her fundraising efforts for her daughter.

 It was actually a former LIS colleague, Lizzy Roberts, who set up the fund for Rose in the first place. She was leaving to go to a new job and, instead of a collection, she decided that she would like to set up the fund.

 The most recent to offer to go the extra mile is Ben Hultum, who also works in LIS at the University. Ben is taking part in the Brompton Bike World Championship in London on Saturday, July 30, and is racing the eight mile circuit for Rose. (Brompton bikes are handmade folding bikes – more information can be found here:

If you would like to sponsor Ben Hultum please visit: or use the hashtag #RaceForRose.








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