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Friday, 23 September 2016

A few updates

Welcoming Chester’s newest residents

Time flies and, as we say goodbye to summer, we welcome our new students to the University on Sunday, September, 25, when they will begin their Induction Week.

Over the past few weeks, they have been excitedly posting messages to each other and to the University on social media about how excited they are to be coming to such a beautiful city.

We’re expecting about 1,500 residential students to arrive during the day. As you may be aware, many of the students who have chosen to live in private commercial housing (as opposed to University) have already begun to move in.  Please remember if you have any concerns about residents in a commercial block, please contact their Housing Manager who should be able to sort out any issues.

Chester remains a particularly safe place to live, study and socialise and for the third year running it has been recognised as the safest City-based University in the North West. This is fabulous news for our students and the local community, but we recognise that a minority of poorly behaved students can tarnish the good name of the vast majority who act responsibly and are good neighbours. So, as always, we will continue to ask you to let us know if things are not as you wish in your street or neighbourhood.

Over these first few weeks, the University, in partnership with Chester Students’ Union, will be working hard to deliver key messages to our students about respecting local residents.   It is a priority to educate our students on how noise can impact negatively on the local area and those who live here.  This is particularly so in areas like Garden Quarter, particularly Sarl Williams Court and Home Dee House, and King Street. Students will be encouraged to take alternative routes to and from the city centre during the night time hours.

Operation Cherokee – Cheshire Police operation for the start of term

As last year, the local police will be allocating considerable additional resources over the Freshers/Induction period to support local communities and new students moving, not only into the Garden Quarter, but also into other areas in Chester. Their focus, as always, is to ensure that students are safe and to ensure that their behaviour over the Freshers/Induction period impacts as little as possible on local communities through noise or other nuisance. 

Where problems are experienced and are related to students, residents are encouraged to report the problem to the police via their non-emergency number of 101. The police will, where possible, respond to these reports of anti-social behaviour issues and will also use the reports from the community to direct their policing and provide a visible presence to any problem areas, so it is in everyone’s interests to contact them. As always in an emergency (when someone is at risk of getting injured, being threatened or a crime is being committed and is in progress) call the police on 999.

The University will continue to work closely with the police and the local council to deal with any student behaviour which affects the quality of life of other people.

Welcome to Cherelle Mitchell, the new University of Chester Students’ Union President. 

Cherelle will be attending the University– Community Liaison meeting in October, and is looking forward to meeting local residents. She is keen to develop further links between students and local communities, particularly through volunteering activities. Cherelle is also leading the Students’ Union’s campaign for ‘Best Night In’. This promotes events which do not focus on alcohol.  Plans include film nights, a bowling night and cookery groups.  This renewed emphasis on being better (and quieter) neighbours will be a key focus of joint University and Students’ Union activities this year.

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